Performances at Let's Dance LA Over the Years

From our first day in April 1988, we opened with a bang. Our first party had nearly 300 dancers checking us out. My coaches Ron Montez and Liz Curtis the 7 time US Latin Champions had recently retired, but gladly accepted my invitation to attend and dance. 

Over the next 25 years we had over 100 Professional performances by the best dancers in their fields. From 15 time undefeated World Latin Champion Gaynor Fairweather, to champions from Canada, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, and Russia, some were just hitting their stride while others were at their peak while others were retired Masters.  To give you an idea we had many World Champions (back when the titles meant something) like David & Sharon Savoy, Swing Dance Hall of Fame members like Jack & Annie, Hollywood celebrities like Joe Cassini, Salsa/Mambo Masters like Bob Medeiros, retired Legends like Francois Szony to kids  just starting out. But my personal favorites were the ones that were the unscripted jam sessions where we cut loose. Since most of the performers were my personal friends, the banter during the introduction and between numbers was always hilarious and gave students a chance to see the human side you would never see at big competitions.   

When we started, video cameras were poor quality and expensive. We were a small studio then. Sometimes I had to have my 10 year old son man the camera, sometimes no one.  Therefore the quality won’t be high definition but because filming of professionals was prohibited at competitions in that era, some of these couples cannot be found anywhere else. Some of these dancers were not regular partners, they may have joined for a one off show just for Let’s Dance.

The first section will be the Ballroom & Latin Professionals. The second section will be the Swing performers. The third section will be Salsa performances. The fourth section will be Student performances from showcases or outside competitions. Though I am starting with videos from the 216 Main St. studio, I will add a page later on to honor the bands I recorded over 2002-2011 at my Granada Alhambra

 If you have a video of anything Let’s Dance related, we would love to add it. This can be either an entire Pro performance or students doing one routine or even student gatherings like bus trips or beach parties. All you have to do is upload to YouTube and send us the link.