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Just Two of Hundreds of Comments We Have Gotten

"What I love about these tours is that the guides are not afraid to get off the beaten track and show us the real city. This is an I will definitely come back to" I am so privileged to have had the benefit of knowing Enio and Terryl both from a personal and professional perspective.

As teachers they are SIMPLY THE BEST.    Not only do they have extremely high skills but use those talents to make all their pupils feel special and more importantly give them confidence to stretch themselves.
They are great communicators and are able to slot into any situation and mix with any community.   In addition they are wonderful mentors as I know many would testify to.From a personal point of view they  gave me a new lease of life through dancing something I shall always treasure.
Whatever they are involved in they will give their all.

Val Sprott
London, England
“I have taken salsa classes and private lessons with over 20 different instructors and Terryl and Enio are better than them all -- by a long shot. Only when I started studying with them did my skills finally reach a new level. Terryl is extremely technical, focusing on which muscles you need to use and when, which way to rotate the bones of your leg or arm, and how your foot should be in contact with the floor. She gives direct and honest feedback. Once you get the hang of it, she'll even give you a smile! Enio knows all the tricks to make your lead smooth and clear, all while looking good. You will wonder how you ever danced without knowing "elvis the pelvis" and "ta daa" (you'll see what I mean once you take a lesson!). Their jokes are ridiculous, but you'll be glad you put up with it, because you and whoever you dance with will be injury free and looking and feeling great. Julie Tannenbaumr"
Julie Tannenbaum