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It Was Always About Family

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Some people you danced with them only a few times in rotation, some you looked forward to them showing up, some of you dated, some of you had relationships, some of you found your life partners. But you made friends- lots of them.


In the early days the parties were small, maybe only 40 mostly ballroom dancers, then 60, 80, 100. Shows, jam sessions, birthday gang dances, special artists, costume parties. We finally outgrew 216 and created the Granada Alhambra. Then wow! 300 on Fridays 5oo on Saturdays, & Ballroom Sundays

Formation Teams

A few months after opening our team won the US Latin Formation Title. But mostly the teams gave people a way to bond as a group, push each other to excellence, thrill in the nervousness of the performance, party a bit too much, perform in the Rose Parade, travel to Congressos,  and even the other side of the world. Some of you got thrown in with the big kids (the Pros!) and performed big shows.


Our first venture out as a Studio- the California Star Ball Championships- We won top Bronze Student, Top Silver Student, Top Teacher, and Top Studio. Over the years our students won US Pro Am Latin, World Pro Am Ballroom, A US Open Pro Swing Championship, and Top Solo Routine several times 


 1) Nini’s real first name is: A) Nina  B) Kanesha  C) Jenny  D)  Hortensia

2) Which teacher never taught at Let’s Dance L.A.: A) Gaynor Fairweather   B) Eddie Torres   C) Marcus Koch  D) Don Johnson  E) Nadia Eftedal

3)  Besides Enio and Robert, who has performed more times at LDLA?   A) Melissa Dexter  B) Felix Chavez  C) Natalie Mavor   D) Joe Cassini

4) Which Dance have we never taught in a class at Let’s Dance? A) Hip Hop  B) Quickstep   C) Lambada  D) Polka  E) Ballet

5) Which city have we not visited on on bus trip? A) Sherman Oaks  B) Hollywood   C) San Jose   D) San Francisco  E) San Diego F) Las Vegas

6) Which city did we not visit on our cruise trips? A) San Juan  B) Ft Lauderdale  C) St Thomas V.I.  D) Nassau  E) Miami

7) Which student was named best follower and best leader by fellow students in the same year?        A) Alfred  B) Antonio  C) Tracy  D) Grace  E) Mary  F) Felix

8) Which Professional Performer did not take off his shirt?  A) Curtis Collins  B) Colton Green  C) Hector Llamas  D) Mark Parkin

9) The Battle of the Brothers involved which brothers? A) Enio & Robert  B) Alex & Brian  C) Ben & Brandon  D) Francisco & Johnny  E) Steve and Daniel

10) The 2 LDLA dance logos were modeled after which two dance couples:              A) __________________    B) ___________________

11) Which bus was more fun on the way to MamboMania by The Bay?   A) Terryl’s  B) Enio’s  C) Hector’s  D) Brigitte’s

12) Which couple brought the room to tears in their lift routine? (All really did perform!) A) David & Sharon Savoy  B) David & Tracy Appel  C) Curtis & Natalie   D) Francois Szony & Toni Ann Gardella  E) Murray & Kate  F) Jack & Collarette

13)”American Party” is A) A 1960’s dance  B) A group participation sport in Japan  C) A dance position D) What you do every weekend?

14) “Jackie Chan” is A) A famous dancer  B) A guy who will knock you senseless  C) A way to keep a girl from knocking you senseless D) A level 3 dancer

15) Which professional ballet troupe did not have former members perform at LDLA? A) NY City Ballet  B) Joffrey Ballet  C) Ballet Pacifica   D) R.U.B.E Ballet   E) San Francisco Ballet

16) At Swing Jam we made the pros prove their  abilities with special tricks in the Jack and Jills.   Which one was not used?    A) Chinese Finger Traps  B) Handcuffs  C) Blindfolds D) Reverse leads

Who subsequently got mugged, hogtied and pants’d by all the guys ?                       A) Kenny Wetzel B)Robert C) Enio D) Sonny Watson

18) Who got more applause dancing with Enio?
A) Terryl B) Natalie Mavor C) Kristy D) Joe Cassini E) Giacomo Steccaglia
F) Robert Cordoba G) Annetje H) Liz Curtis I) Hector

19) Whiskey Gin & Beer was
A) Enio’s favorite after class drink B) A Cowboy Line Dance C) A party mixer D) A way to meet girls

20) Tadaaa! refers to
A) A lift move B) Sexy talk that drives girls wild C) A drink at the Granada D) How to lead a hip twist

21) The loudest most spontaneous applause ever was for:
A) Jean Marc & France B) Wyatt Moscoso & Natalie C) The Savoys D) The R.U.B.E. Ballet

22) Who had the most dance partners?
A) Robert B) Enio C) Felix D) Natalie

23) Which country did not have kids perform at LDLA?
A) USA B) Cuba C) Costa Rica D) South Africa E) England F) Australia

24) What is a pirana?
A) A deadly fish B) A seafaring crook C) A pet name for Terryl D) A special tapas dish

25) What country western teacher installed the dance floors at both LDLA locations?
A) Robert Royston B) Eddie Vedolla C) Ken Meek D) Phil Adams E) Tom Mattox

26) Which MamboMania pro taught Bruce Lee to cha cha his way to a dance championship?
A) Joe Cassini B) Ron Montez C) Dr George D) Renee Victor E) Laura Canellias

27) Which did not happen at LDLA?
A) A streaker B) A music speaker fire C) A student dying during a party D) a striptease E) A topless dancer    F) Dancers going thru the ceiling G) A student with Tourettes punching himself out H) A class was taught in French

Q) Bonus Questions
Q1) Enio called his classes what before he opened at 216:________________

Q2) Who was at Let’s Dance so much they should pay rent? (Past or present)
A) Grace B) Pat & Robert C) Roland D) Tracy E)Fonzie F)Pat G)__________

Q3) Who was the most disruptive student in class?
A) AJ B) Roland C) Emily D) Mike & Christina D) Ralph E) Alan Loya F) Larry Lee G)_______________17

Mix Match Answer Key

1)E 2)B 3)C 4)D 5)F 6)B 7)A  8)C  9)E   10) Fred & Ginger, Enio & Terryl  11)Really? B  12)C   13)B If you said D-call me!  14)C   15)E   16)A   17)B  18)E   19)C   20)D   21)B  22)D   23)E   24)C   25)C   26)C   27)H   BONUS- 1) SHALL WE DANCE,  2) GRACE   3) ALL OF THE ABOVE

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