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It Was Always About Family

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Some people you danced with them only a few times in rotation, some you looked forward to them showing up, some of you dated, some of you had relationships, some of you found your life partners. But you made friends- lots of them.


In the early days the parties were small, maybe only 40 mostly ballroom dancers, then 60, 80, 100. Shows, jam sessions, birthday gang dances, special artists, costume parties. We finally outgrew 216 and found the Granada Alhambra. Then wow! 300 on Fridays 5oo on Saturdays, & Ballroom Sundays


Our first venture out as a Studio- the California Star Ball Championships- We won top Bronze Student, Top Silver Student, Top Teacher, and Top Studio. Over the years our students won US Pro Am Latin, World Pro Am Ballroom, A US Open Pro Swing Championship, and Top Solo Routine several times 

Formation Teams

A few months after opening our team won the US Latin Formation Title. But mostly the teams gave people a way to bond as a group, push each other to excellence, thrill in the nervousness of the performance, party a bit too much, perform in the Rose Parade, travel to Congressos,  and even the other side of the world. Some of you got thrown in with the big kids (the Pros!) and performed big shows.

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