The Staff of Let's Dance

I’m sorry but here is one place I have to brag. Outsiders don’t understand how special the teachers at Let’s Dance L.A. and the Granada really were. At many studios the teachers are just out of training school – one page ahead of the student. At Let’s Dance on our regular staff we were blessed with World Champions, US Champions, future Hall of Famers, Hollywood Choreographers, National Champions of other countries, professional ballerinas, and true dance Masters. And how did we keep ourselves sharp? We brought in the best of the best. A 15 time undefeated World Champion to teach our kids camp. More US Professional Ballroom and Latin Champions for workshops and coaching. When a new dance came on the horizon, several times we were first to teach it or among the first. Below the next gallery will be teachers who visited Let’s Dance to teach at our special events. And finally a way for you to reconnect with them if you’d like

What started with a one day workshop of three top Swing Teachers, turned into an event still remembered today as legendary in the Swing World. Our first Swing Jam had 3 teachers, and each one after that added more and more US Champs. By Swing Jam 10 we had to put bleachers in 216, and rent two other halls a few blocks away. Later we repeated the process with ten incredible MamboManias, again bringing in world famous Salsa and Mambo teachers from Cuba, Europe, Puerto Rico, and dancers from all over the country. Most importantly we blended great competitive teaching and true social dancing so you could have one or both. Fortunately we have stayed connected to most of our teachers. On this page we have recent pictures of them as well as a game to see how well you know them, and down the page we will add video links of some of their most memorable performances.  

Teacher Quiz- test Your Knowledge

  1. TV Choreographer for the Fly Girls on In Living Color
  2. Spoke 7 languages fluently
  3. Was a Country Western Junior World Champion and US Open Champion
  4.  Was runner up for the Dance Fever Grand Championship
  5. Went to High School in the  Phillippines
  6. Was a Michael Jackson backup dancer and danced at the Academy Awards.
  7. This person was a professional ballet dancer at 14
  8. Danced (and split) with the same partner 3 times. Winning the US Championship each time.
  9. This World Champion actually worked for Microsoft while he was winning.
  10. Vanessa Williams climbed all over this dancer during the filming of Dance with Me. 
  • A) Annetje Riel
  • B) Lisana Hansen
  • C) Marcus Koch
  • D) Enio Cordoba
  • E) Darrel “DHQ” Hollinquest
  • F) Blair Johnson
  • G) Robert Cordoba
  • H) Mic Thompson
  • I) Melissa Dexter
  • J) Terryl Jones
  1. Came to US as a champion dancer but became an engineer
  2. This person was Swedish and Mongolian and spoke Russian.
  3. This person was a multi World Champion from Guatemala
  4.  This person was dance partner for Ann Margret’s Las Vegas debut
  5. This person saved a young child who had fallen into a lion cage.
  6. This person is famous for growl/yelling Yeah!.
  7. Won first of 3 Feather Awards as Most Popular Teacher in the US 
  8. This person danced on the Junior team, became a teacher and also worked as a server in the Granada
  9. This person is a Hollywood “triple threat” Sing, Dance & Act
  10. Did more shows at Let’s Dance than anyone with at least 5 different partners
  • A) Lauren Calderoni
  • B) Lisana Hansen
  • C) Nini
  • D) Enio Cordoba
  • E) Alessia Minaeva
  • F)  Liz Lira
  • G) Dan Docherty
  • H) Natalie Mavor
  • I) Beata Howe
  • J) Joe Cassini

Would You Recognize Them Today?

Quiz Answers

1E, 2A, 3F, 4G, 5J, 6H, 7B, 8I, 9C, 10D 

1G, 2E, 3F, 4J, 5C, 6I, 7D, 8A, 9B, 10H 

Teacher Video Links- Adding More Every Day

Blair & Eddie

We were so glad to have these kids join us. Already Jr. Country Western World Champions, they place 2nd 2 years in a row at the US Swing Open with their electrifying speed and lifts. When they moved down here from Ukiah to study at Cal State Long Beach, we were happy to have them teach and have them around. Here is a compilation of their work. They are now back in Ukiah, Blair as a School principal and Eddie a full-time studio owner and occasional school teacher.

I knew Dan & Jo Docherty previously as they were regulars at the Westmor and competitions around the LA scene. One day they were walking down Main Street and popped in asking if they could “stretch their legs” Of course! I said. The look of absolute ecstasy in Jo’s face when they did a Slow Foxtrot will stay with me until I pass. Just watching them lit a passion for Standard in me – the Latin boy. His unsolicited pointers brought me to an understanding that passing my Imperial Society exams never did. He took the entire Ballroom class under his wing. He would come in and just sit always wearing a tie, enjoying the music and often giving me variations long forgotten that had a delicate charm. He had that razor sharp Scottish wit that made us laugh so. I nicknamed him the Professor, but he was a true Master! Sadly Jo passed away in 2016 and Dan in 2019

Jeanine Glasson appeared from Australia one day looking for a partner. She had been 3rd in the Australian Pro. talking Enio into coming out of retirement, the goal was to compete at Blackpool, qualify for the Australian Championships and dance at the Worlds Pro. With help from Bob Medeiros, Kenny Wetzel we worked really hard for 6 months to create a look that would stand out at the British. Unfortunately it wasn’t where we wanted it to be so I decided to retire before we actually danced and Jeanine moved to Holland where she found a great partner. 18 months later she was representing Australia in the 1992 World Championships with Wil van Roessel. She later married a German singing star before moving back to Australia where she now spends her time as a pro hang glider!

He started dancing at 15 cause Mom wanted him outside of the house for the summer so I took him along to my private lessons with Ron Montez. To keep him from getting bored, we paired him up with the sister of pro Denese Morris. Among the partners he would dance with were: a Laker girl, a future British Professional Latin Champion, come in 3nd on the national TV show Dance Fever, and move to England to learn from the best. Before leaving, he danced on 2 dance teams representing the US at the World Formation Championships in Germany.

Returning to LA Robert would get into Swing and Country. Pairing with Enio’s former partner Karen Lee, he came in 2nd in his first US Open Swing Championships. With 2 different partners he would win the next 3 years in a row. Robert would go on to win 4 more US titles, several World Championships, dozens of competitions, and be inducted into the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame, and the World Swing Dance Council Hall of Fame. Helping me run the studio, we created the now legendary Swing Jam weekend events.  He now lives near me in Deerfield Beach Florida