Let's Dance L.A. Formation Teams

Before LDLA even opened, Enio’s early successes came on formation teams as captain of the USC Ballroom Dance Team. In 1977, USC won the Gold Medal at the USBallroom Championships (USBC). The following year the team went to Blackpool England and came in 2nd in the worlds most prestigious dance event.

In 1989 with Enio as coach, his team took the Gold Medal again at the USBC in Florida. That team was exceptional in that many of the dancers went on to great success in the dance world. Of 18 dancers, 8 eventually went pro, and four (Jerry More, Becky, Catherine Cottis, and Janet Kvasnak) won US Pro Am Championships. Michelle Brakebill (French) won a US Open Swing Championship in the Pro Showcase Division, Natalie Mavor won several US Amateur Championships in Latin, Standard and 10 Dance, the US Rising Star American Rhythm, and the Mayan Pro Salsa competition. Robert Cordoba went on to win 7 US Open Swing Championships, 2 Feather Awards, and was elected to the Swing Dance Hall of Fame. Gary McDonald after winning many US amateur titles with Natalie went on to win the Professional World 10 Dance Championship.  

During the almost 30 year run of Let’s Dance L.A., we had dozens of formation teams from kids, to juniors, young adults, semi-pro and adult. All of our teams performed at studio events and events like Springfest and the LA Salsa Congress before huge crowds. Many of these dancers also went on to become champions or professionals. Hector Llamas, Brigitte Ryerson, Vanessa Alderette, Tomas Hernandez, Sander Scholl, Alex Cordoba, Lauren Calderoni, and Michelle Hafle all became professionals. Michelle had a very distinguished competitive career, danced on Dancing with the Stars, and now owns a very successful studio in Dallas, Texas. Brigitte Ryerson took over the teams and hopefully the legacy continues.

Best of all, if you were on any on our Salsa, Casino Rueda, Cha Cha, West Coast Swing or Ballroom Teams made life long friends and a few even found their life partners. So if you have and great stories or pictures,  please send us any pictures so we can add theme here. 

US Formation Team Champions

I always called it my lightning in a bottle team. I think they won in spite of my coaching. Hard working great kids and many became Professional Champions. 1988 US Champions 

Team Members: Gary McDonald, Natalie Mavor,Steve Olsen, Chia Brescia, Jerry Moore, Catherine Cottis, Michelle Brakebill, Becky, Robert Cordoba, Ronnie, Richard Orozco, Janet Kvasnak, Peter Brescia, Kathleen Mitchell

Let's Dance West Coast Swing Team

Quite a weekend for Let’s Dance, with Robert Cordoba  and Melanie Roberts winning the US Swing Classic Division Championship. These were adults doing a really challenging routine

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Team Members: Phil & Lyn Warrender, Joe Way, Mary Holley, Kathleen Mitchell, Cheryl Sevold, Helena Gerundo, Chuck Meisner, Roland Copeland, Paul, Richard Orozco, Paul

Let's Dance L.A. Adult Latin Team

Terryl was coaching the Adult Team and these folks always gave a great performance. In 1991 Bob Medeiros introduced us to what we called Miami Round before we started calling it Casino Rueda. Many had never performed before. we were the first in LA to teach and perform it.

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Team Members: Evan Bullock-Morales, Allan Uy, Brenda Josenberger, Phil & Lynn Warrender, Mary Holley, Jorge Crastz, Kathleen Mitchell, Dave Gallegos, Cheryl Sevold, Ken Fujii, Helena Gerundo, Chuck Meisner, Judy Pons, Roland Copeland, Lynda Harbert, Paul, Noelle Tinturin, Ray Shum, Fran Sisto, Ching Liu, James Tran, Kathy Dickman,

Let's Dance SALSAtional! Team

These were the kids I was most proud of as I started all of them from scratch. Over the years they performed at many events including several LA Congresses. Albert Torres said it was unbelieveable how far they had come

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Alex Cordoba,Karlena Passarella, Arlene Chaves, Hector Llamas,Paula Vielman, Natalia Galindo, Sander Schols, Lauren Calderoni, Eddie Santos, Regina santos, Sylvia, Brian Cordoba, Werner Vielman, Adriana Passarella, Sue Vong, Moreno Passarella

Let's Dance SALSAtional! Team

The Kids reached the pinnacle when they performed the infamous Toilet Paper Routine with 10 couples to Guarare at the LA Salsa Congress. It’s hard enough to dance this intensity, try to dance while passing the “flag”…. Enio & Terryl set the mood to open

Team Members: Werner Vielman, Tomas Hernandez Eduardo Torres, Jose Valencia, Barry Yeow, David Tovalin, Kevin Orellana,Hector Llamas, Lil Nick, Lauren Calderoni, Michelle Hafle, Pilar Rivas, Diana Rios, Catherine Campanella, Brigitte Ryerson, Katrina Chen, Kristy Rivers, Idalia, Wendy Mangiagli
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2012 LDLA Ballroom Team

Slow & Viennese Waltzs

Salsa in Hawaii

Brigitte's Adult Rueda Team

Alex Ortiz, Bernie Henderson, Mark & Emy Mannarelli, Don & Ann Corley, John Wong, Jennifer Fan, Hilda Lee, Eric Chien, Michael Spann Jr. Choreographed by Enio & Terryl

Performed for our Christmas Show at the Granada 2012. Here a ground level view. 

Our Salsa Team performing at  the Aloha Ball in Kona Hawaii. Mario & Lissette Estala, Jon Hooper, Anayancy Thomas, Glenn Mattern, Monica Moctezuma, Eric Chien, Emmy Hernandez, Karla Llausas, Cynthia Chung, Ching Woodhouse, Enver Apaydin, David Cortez, Val Sprott. 

By the end of  the 1st 2000 decade, Rueda has become very popular and we had as many as three teams doing Casino Rueda